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Does Self-Defense Allow the Use of Deadly Force?

A person is able to use self-defense when it is determined that they need to protect themselves from harm. Oftentimes, self-defense involves some level of force or violence aimed towards the person ...
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Wrong Way Drivers Prompt Police Increase

Since the beginning of the year, 11 people have died as a result of drivers going the wrong way down Tampa-area roadways. The common link between many of these fatalities is high blood alcohol count ...
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Criminal Law Procedure: From Arrest to Sentencing

What to Expect from the Criminal Law Process When a person is accused of a crime in Florida, several steps must be carried out through the trial. Knowing that to expect can allow a person to prepare ...
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Tampa Murder-Suicide Leaves Neighbors Confused

After shots were fired in a quiet cul-de-sac, police arrived at the scene to discover two dead men. In this recent shooting that took place a few weeks ago, a local Tampa community was significantly ...
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Ybor City Shooting Leaves Teenage Victim Hospitalized

A teenage victim with a gunshot wound to the head is refusing to cooperate with law enforcement, even though the individual caused his injuries remains at large. The boy was found on the sidewalk in a ...
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Tampa Business Suspected of Roofing Scam

Many employees of NBRC Roofing Co. have been arrested or are being sought for arrest after nearly 100 Tampa residences were left with unfinished roofing repairs. The accused employees are said to have ...
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Escorts Used as Targets by Tampa Men

Internet Used to Gain Access to Homes Two Tampa men have been arrested on sexual assault and robbery after using an online escort service to gain access to the homes of the escorts contacted from the ...
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Tampa Luggage Thieves Confess to Airport Detectives

Busy, crowded airports can be a prime target for theft. While security measures at airports are in place to minimize luggage theft, sometimes theft is as easy as walking into baggage claim and ...
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Burned Child Leads to Child Abuse Charge

While child abuse is most commonly thought of in terms of intentional physical harm or verbal threats, neglect is also considered a form of abuse. A Tampa woman has been charged with child abuse after ...
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Florida Murder Suspect Claims Innocence

The killing of four people at a home in Hudson led police to a hotel in downtown Tampa where the alleged murderer and his son were found the same day that police discovered the bodies. Safety of ...
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