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Tampa Man Charged With Hate Crime

A 29-year-old Tampa man has been charged with aggravated assault (hate crime), criminal mischief, and shooting from a vehicle when a fight with a gas-station employee led to shots being fired. ...
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Woman Filed Anti-Stalking Order Days Before Shooting Man in Home

Late Night Shooting on Davis Island A man was recently shot in the million-dollar home of a Davis Island woman. Days before, the woman wasm denied an anti-stalking order of protection against the man. ...
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Grandmother Shoots 7 Year Old Grandson

A woman in Town 'N Country, Florida has been accused of shooting her seven year old grandson after mistaking the child for an intruder. The grandmother was sleeping in the same room as her ...
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What Happens If I Refuse a DUI Test in Florida?

In Florida, if you refuse to perform a field sobriety test, you won't face any criminal penalties, but an officer is probably going to suspect you that much more. If you refuse a chemical DUI ...
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Thomas & Paulk Handles Two DMV Hearings

In August, our Tampa criminal defense law firm helped two people through their DMV Formal Review Hearing. In the first, our client had been facing a license suspension for an 18-month period for ...
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The Penalties for Embezzlement in Tampa, Florida

This white collar crime is a type of theft crime, one where someone had legal access to property owned by someone else, but who used that access to actually steal the property. This is the case when ...
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Possession of Marijuana Charges Dismissed

In a recent case, our team at Thomas & Paulk represented a client in Hillsborough County Court who was facing charges of marijuana possession. In this case, our client had been living with a ...
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Trooper Fired Due to Arrest for DUI, Drug Possession

Last month, an on-duty trooper for the Florida Highway Patrol was arrested for DUI and drug possession, reports the Tampa Bay Times. The very next day, the 36-year-old suspect was dismissed from his ...
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Client Accused of Violating Probation

In a recent case, one of our clients had been accused of violation his probation by failing to report and for failing to meet the original terms ordered by the court. He turned to the criminal defense ...
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Case Result: Obstructing an Officer

In early August, our criminal defense team took on a case in the Pinellas County Court involving a client who had been accused of obstructing an officer without violence, as well as loitering and ...
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