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Victim Killed due to Drunk Driving

One woman is not only responsible for causing a serious car accident but killing the other driver in the process. She now faces charges of DUI as well as vehicular manslaughter. According to the ...
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Driver Facing DUI Manslaughter Charges

Tragedy struck last Sunday when an older woman caused an auto accident that took the life of an elderly woman. The 55-year-old woman has since been charged with DUI manslaughter, driving under the ...
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Woman Pushing Stroller Tied to Shooting

A young woman pushing a stroller is believed to be involved in a fatal shooting that took place in Tampa, Florida last week. According to police, the 22-year-old woman was pushing a stroller that ...
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10 Year Sentence Given in DUI Manslaughter Case

A young man forever changed his life by deciding to drink and drive one night in Florida. The 25-year-old man was driving along a local road in northeast Florida last March when he lost control of his ...
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Coach Caught Selling Drugs

A community was shocked to learn that a beloved youth football coach was in the business of selling drugs. Earlier this year the 39-year-old male coach was arrested on suspicion of possessing cocaine. ...
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Flight Leads to Arrest

A woman on her way to face one court battle managed to get herself arrested in the process. The ex-girlfriend to the estranged father of a Hollywood starlet was heading back to Florida last week to ...
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School Accountant Steals $580,000

After years of keeping the books, one woman decided to steal from her employer. The 57-year-old woman worked as the bookkeeper for a technical school in Tampa, Florida. After working at the school for ...
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Elderly Man Arrested for Assaulting Roomate

Think that the elderly are never arrested? Think again. Last week, a 72-year-old man was taken into custody for assaulting his roommate. He was arrested on the charges of battery on a person over 65 ...
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Teenager Shot While Breaking Up Fight

One brave teenager was shot twice in an attempt to break up a fight between two people. Police reports show that the 18-year-old boy got in between two people that were fighting when a gun was fired. ...
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DUI Offender Hits Police Cruiser

Causing an accident is never fun, but crashing into a police cruiser can be a total nightmare. That was the case for a 25-year-old man who tried to avoid going through a traffic stop last month. ...
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What is Aiding and Abetting?

Simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time is not a crime. Under most circumstances if you are present at the scene of a crime or even have knowledge that a crime is being committed, you cannot ...
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Baseball Player Faces Drug Possession Charges

Although baseball season is now over, one outfielder won't be playing in any games for a while. Last week a player for a well-known baseball team was arrested for felony possession of marijuana. ...
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Officers Still Searching for Gunman

Police are still searching for the gunman responsible for shooting an older man and a three-year-old girl in the state of Florida. According to the police report, two men were driving around a group ...
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Thomas & Paulk Clears Innocent Man's Name

This case is a perfect example of how an innocent person can find themselves facing serious felony charges. Our client was looking for work and placed his resume on several online job sites. He was ...
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Teen Caught with Stun Gun and Marijuana

An anonymous call last week pointed officers in Hillsborough County, Florida to a teenager who was not only in possession of marijuana, but a stun gun as well. When officers learned that the student ...
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Cold Case Finally Solved

One officer returned to court after his retirement to watch one of his cold cases finally go to trial. The officer, once a member of a major crimes unit, first began investigating the rape case in ...
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40 Warrants Issued during Drug Crime Investigation

After 11 months working undercover, officers from one police department had enough evidence to produce nearly 40 arrest warrants. This week, 37 of the wanted individuals were brought in by police for ...
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Officers Find Suspect Wanted for Multiple Sex Crimes

After being featured on a well-known TV show that highlights criminals, a Tampa, Florida man has finally been arrested. According to a report released by the FBI, U.S. Immigration and Customs ...
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Underage Drinking & Fake ID Crackdown

Tampa Police and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office target underage drinking and fraudulent use of driver's licenses It's that time of year again, students have returned to University of ...
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Man Robs Pharmacy for Prescription Drugs

One man was so desperate to get his hands on prescription drugs that he hopped over the counter of a public pharmacy. According to police reports, the 27-year-old suspect visited the pharmacy with the ...
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12 Year Sentence Ordered in DUI Case

After taking the lives of three people on Christmas Day, the man accused has been sentenced for his role in the DUI accident. The 37-year-old man arranged a deal with prosecutors in which he would ...
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Football Player's Vacation Home Burglarized

The vacation home of a famous football player in Florida was burglarized in March and police have just caught up with the second suspect in the burglary. According to the Charlotte County ...
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DUI Offender Hits Police Cruiser and Takes Off on Foot

When you take to the roads intoxicated, you could injure not only yourself, but innocent drivers as well. One man learned this the hard way in Florida last weekend when he caused a three-vehicle ...
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Police Plan to Investigate DUI Accident that Took Woman's Life

A woman lost her life last week in a reported DUI motorcycle accident and police have yet to discover her identity. According to the Tampa Bay police department, the suspect responsible for the death, ...
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Woman's Boyfriend Shoots Her Other Boyfriend

When you invite your boyfriend over, it is a good idea not to invite your other boyfriend at the same time. One woman learned this the hard way when a fight broke out at her home, leading to one man ...
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