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Two Men Arrested for Sex Crimes against 6-Year-Old Girl

Although it took police decades to locate their suspects, two men are now in custody for the sex crimes committed against a 6-year-old girl. The men have been accused of sexually abusing the little girl for nearly six years, a crime that she has never forgotten. The suspects - T.E.T., 66, and M.W.L., 60 - met the victim when she was in first grade. They continued to sexually abuse her until she was 12, at which point they stopped for unknown reasons. Eventually, the girl came forward and reported the abuse she had endured.

Thanks to new evidence in the case, T.E.T. and M.W.L. have both submitted full confessions and admitted that they abused the victim. Police told news sources that both men now face felony charges of sexual battery on a child under the age of 11. Have you recently been accused of committing sex crimes? If so, you could be facing serious charges that come with harsh consequences if you are convicted. For this reason, you'll want to challenge the charges filed against you by contacting Thomas & Paulk to enlist the services of an experienced Tampa criminal defense lawyer from our office.

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