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18-Year-Old Sets His Family's House on Fire

A young man could spend time in jail for committing a violent crime that left his family's home in flames. Local news sources say that police have detained 18-year-old A.C.C. on multiple charges including domestic violence and arson. Officers were called to the home the previous night before A.C.C.'s arrest for a possible domestic violence incident. At that time, the suspect reportedly got into an argument with his mother, which ended in him head-butting her. He was taken into custody but released later that night. The suspect, supposedly still angry with his mother, returned to their home and poured gasoline all over her bed. He then lit it on fire and ran out of the house.

Luckily, nobody was injured in the fire. The house, worth an estimated $20,000, was completely destroyed. A.C.C. has already admitted to setting the fire. He now faces one felony charge of first-degree arson for which he could spend months to years in jail. If you're facing violent crime charges in the state of Florida and would like to contest the counts filed against you, contact Thomas & Paulk today to enlist the help and representation of a Tampa criminal defense lawyer from our office.

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