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Woman Filed Anti-Stalking Order Days Before Shooting Man in Home

Late Night Shooting on Davis Island A man was recently shot in the million-dollar home of a Davis Island woman. Days before, the woman wasm denied an anti-stalking order of protection against the man. ...
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Cyberbullying & Harassment Charges in Florida

One of the many actions that fall under the category of a harassment offense is cyberbullying. Florida is one of the few states that not only has a harassment statute, but also clearly gives a ...
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Actor Hugh Jackman's NYC Stalker Indicted

According to recent reports, an older blonde female approached famous actor Hugh Jackman (most recently known for the movies "Les Miserables" and "X-Men") while at the guy in West ...
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Information about Florida Restraining Orders

Restraining orders are usually put into place by a judge following an accusation of either domestic violence, stalking, or harassment. This accusation must have reasonable grounds and usually the ...
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Repeat Violence Injunction Dismissed

Thomas & Paulk defend people who have been accused of stalking and battery throughout the Tampa Bay area. Case # 08-DR-11371 Request for Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence. Petitioner ...
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