White Collar Crimes

Because of the non-violent nature of white collar crimes, there are many options available to protect your record and your future.

White collar crimes are typically crimes that involve some type of theft or fraud and don’t involve any type of violence. It’s important to hire an attorney when you have been charged with a white collar crime to protect your record. Many times people who’ve been charged with white collar crimes have no prior criminal history and because of that there are options that are available to them that may not be available to other people charged with a crime. Because there was no violence and because you had no criminal history many times there are programs that can keep you from having this criminal charge on your record. That’s important because in the future when seeking employment, if you have some type of white collar crime like a theft or a fraud on your record many employers in fact most will not hire you.  So it’s important that while you can while you have been charged with a crime but not yet convicted you speak to an attorney who can help you through that process. So please give us a call at Thomas & Paulk anytime, we will be happy to answer your questions and tell you what we can do for you. 

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