Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer

You don't need to go through this alone!

Dealing with the stress of a criminal arrest can be one of the most emotionally draining situations you will ever experience. From the initial arrest throughout all of the pre-trial hearings to the trial itself, it can make one feel as if they very much alone without anyone to help. At Thomas & Paulk, P.A., we want you to know that you do not need to feel as if there is no one on your side. By hiring a Tampa criminal attorney from our firm, you will get more than just an attorney – you will receive an advocate. We take an invested interest in the outcomes of our clients. Instead of being "just another case number," you will have someone who knows you by name – someone who truly invest into fighting for you.

Our dedication has resulted in client testimonials such as:

  • "Very professional and knowledgeable."
  • "Understanding and sympathetic to my situation."
  • "He answered all our questions, and listened to and treated our son with respect."

Thomas & Paulk: Fighting for Your Future

Don't you want someone in your corner who truly cares? When there are so many attorneys out there who are willing to take on your case, don't you think it's important to have someone who won't just take you on as your client only to advise you to plead guilty?

At our firm, we don't look for shortcuts. We aren't looking for a quick fix. We know that we are dealing with your life and we are dedicated to helping ensure that you receive the quality defense you need. Subpar is simply unacceptable. Throughout our 20 years of combined experience, this attitude of never accepting less than the best has allowed us to win countless victories. To see for yourself, simply check out our case results.

For example, we once handled a case involving a client who was criminally accused of defrauding the government. Their fraud charges were going to result in a five-year imprisonment sentence if found guilty. As soon as we took on the case, we contacted the State Attorney. Due to this immediate contact, no charges were pressed and our client was never arrested. Instead, our firm negotiated to have the funds in dispute simply repaid. Our client walked away from the situation with absolutely no criminal record.

Through cases such as this, our firm has demonstrated an exceptional knowledge of the law. Although our case results are not guarantees and do not make promises about future results, we feel they do demonstrate the experience we have and our legal ability.

Why You Should Contact Our Criminal Firm

Our firm is proud to have former experience as state prosecutors; we feel that the time spent on the "other side of the courtroom" has allowed for us to become more mature defense lawyers. We know what the prosecution is thinking and we are able to help our clients with a comprehensive strategy that looks at every possibility. This level of commitment and out-of-the-box thinking has given us both a local and national reputation. In fact, we've been featured on several media outlets – including ABC News and Fox 13.

When you are looking for a defense attorney to advocate for your legal rights, you need not look any further than our firm. We welcome you to look through the site and learn more about our firm and the different ways that we can help you to protect your rights. Don't take a criminal charge without a fight. Don't give up on your future. Give us a call today!

Our Commitment To You

When you work with us, we promise:

  • To Treat You
    With Respect
  • To Be Available When
    You Have Questions
  • To Work
    Hard For You
  • To Develop a Custom Defense Based on Your Case

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