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Have you received a notice to appear? Although this document may not seem significant, the fact of the matter is that a notice to appear indicates that you are facing criminal charges. You need to secure a legal representative by the time you enter court to retain the best possible chance of reducing or eliminating your charges.

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What does a notice to appear mean?

A notice to appear is designed to simplify the court attendance process for those charged with lesser crimes. In essence, a notice allows an officer to avoid arresting and jailing the defendant prior to their court hearing. This is especially helpful for criminal activities such as shoplifting or trespassing. Even though notices to appear are more convenient for everyone involved, they can only be given for certain offenses.

Notices to appear are only issued in limited circumstances:

  • You are charged with a misdemeanor or minor violation
  • You have not failed to respond to a previous notice
  • You are deemed likely to appear on the court date
  • There is no risk in summoning you to appear

Though they are simpler, notices carry the same legal weight as an arrest. If you fail to attend court as required, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Because of this, it is extremely important that you do not neglect your notice to appear. Contact our firm for legal counsel immediately if you have missed your court hearing.

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