Pre-File Investigations

A pre-file investigation occurs when law enforcement contacts a person and then investigates the person for possibly committing a crime. Pre-file investigations occur before criminal charges are filed and allow law enforcement to determine if there is sufficient evidence against the person to file charges. If law enforcement finds that there is enough evidence, it is very likely that the person will be placed under arrest and charged with a crime. However, if law enforcement discovers that there is not much conclusive evidence, the person will not face any legal action.

Once a person learns that they are being subject to a pre-file investigation, it is usually to their benefit to contact a skilled criminal attorney. During the pre-file investigation, the person will be subject to questioning, which can be very intrusive. By having an attorney on their side, the person can ensure that their rights are protected and that they are kept aware of their legal options. Additionally, if a criminal lawyer gets involved before charges are pressed, there is a greater chance that the lawyer can negotiate with law enforcement and challenge possible evidence.

Thomas & Paulk understands that the time before charges are formally filed is crucial in the outcome of a person's criminal case. By providing our clients with the one-on-one service of a lawyer from our firm, we work to help clients avoid having charges filed in the first place. Even if charges are filed at some point, our involvement will still have worked to our client's benefit, as we will be familiar with the case and ready to defend their rights.

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