Underage Gang Violence in Florida

Gang violence has become a serious problem in the state and is handled in an aggressive manner by law enforcement. Juveniles, individuals under the age of 18, are the most common group to form gangs. There is a continued growth of the importation of gangs in and around Tampa, Florida, and juvenile gang violence is handled in an aggressive manner. In order to protect the safety of the residents of Tampa, Florida, the local law enforcement agencies work hard to penalize those who have any involvement in gang activity. Gang violence can result from a number of reasons, including rivalry and intimidation. If your child was charged with a gang related offense, act quickly by calling a Tampa underage gang violence lawyer.

Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney

Juvenile crimes in Florida are handled by law enforcement in a manner that attempts to discourage further offenses. In addition, Florida law uses a process to handle juvenile offenses with a focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment. This does not mean that those who are charged with the offense of underage gang violence will be let off easy. When juveniles commit the criminal offense of underage gang violence, Florida law enforcement can arrest and investigate the individual. Juvenile gang violence is often punished by a juvenile detention center sentence. The juvenile offender may face juvenile court or full criminal penalties if the case involved serious weapons charges or murder.

Legal Assistance for Juveniles

Some of the most common gang offenses include battery and murder. Whether these acts of violence have been initiated through conflicts with rival gangs or it is done as an act of initiation, the underage gang member will be penalized for their violent action. If you or your child was charged with juvenile gang violence, it is important to seek aggressive legal assistance from a Tampa criminal defense attorney. It is important to do whatever it takes to clear your child's name from this offense because it can negatively impact the remainder of their life. We can help you through this experience and be a guide for those facing juvenile gang charges.

An attorney from our firm can carefully evaluate all the evidence placed against you. We can seek out the most effective strategy to defend your or your child's rights. We may need to challenge the case or pursue a reduction in charges. Your case is important to our attorneys at Thomas & Paulk and we are prepared to help you preserve the freedom of your child. There is nothing more important than ensuring a strong and healthy future for the juvenile charged with underage gang violence. An attorney from our firm can handle your case, using a full range of our attorney's skills and experiences. Contact Thomas & Paulk today to obtain the legal defense that your family deserves!

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