Grand Theft Auto in Florida

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Many people think it could never happen to them–they could never be convicted of a crime, especially not grand theft auto. Though the idea of grand theft auto has been commercialized and sensationalized in the past years, this charge holds very serious consequences. If you have been arrested on the suspicion of grand theft auto, it is crucial that you speak with our Tampa criminal defense firm right away.

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With more than 7,000 cases in our back pocket, we know how to successfully handle criminal defense matters. Both prosecutors and judges take grand theft auto charges very seriously, often seeking the toughest penalties possible. Let our firm use our 10 years of legal experience to fight for your future and freedom. If you hope to successfully beat your charges and avoid a potentially life-changing felony conviction, call on Thomas & Paulk.

Penalties for Stealing Automobiles

Grand theft auto is the crime of stealing or taking an automobile without consent from the owner. When an offender uses violence, force or a weapon to steal a car, it is considered carjacking, which is both a violent crime and a felony crime. As grand theft auto is a form of theft, the charges for this crime will depend on the value of the stolen car.

The degrees of grand theft auto are determined by the value of the vehicle, such as:

  • First Degree: $100,000 or more
  • Second Degree: Between $20,000 and $100,000
  • Third Degree: Between $300 and $20,000

While the extent of the penalties will depend largely on the degree of grand theft charges you are facing, the penalties are always life-altering.

Typically, a conviction will include the following types of penalties:

  • Incarceration in a state prison
  • Probation or parole
  • No less than $5,000 in fines
  • Community service hours

With a criminal record, your livelihood will also be affected. You may find it more difficult to get a job, secure housing or restore your reputation.

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