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A white collar crime is a criminal offense that takes place within a business, corporate or political setting. These types of crimes tend to cost the United States government and economy a great deal of money because people who commit these crimes drain the revenue and profits of large companies. White collar crimes can be committed and then remain undetected for a long period of time. This is because these crimes are frequently committed by people who are in authority positions, such as executives and upper management.

Examples of Serious White Collar Crimes

Numerous illegal acts are categorized as white collar crimes, including:
  • Embezzlement - Defined as the misappropriation of funds, embezzlement typically occurs when someone in a position of trust (like a manager or accountant) begins to redirect or take the money for personal gain. Due to the nature of the crime, this can often occur for long periods of time without detection.

  • Fraud - An umbrella term that defines any form of fraudulent action, fraud can be anything from counterfeiting to forgery. Some common targets of fraud include taxes, banks, mail, and Internet. Penalties vary depending on the circumstances of the crime.

  • Tax Evasion - Citizens are required by law to pay federal and state taxes. While many people will take actions to reduce the amount they need to pay, should they act fraudulently or evade paying taxes wholly, they will be facing a federal offense.

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