Accounting Fraud

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Accounting fraud is a white collar crime that refers to the falsifying of accounting records. Individuals commit this crime for the purpose of boosting their net income, adjusting sales figures or hiding income. This crime is done by many companies to ensure that they meet Security and Exchange Commission's earning standards. There are some common positions that more commonly commit accounting fraud and they include:

  • Accountants
  • Auditors
  • Bookkeepers
  • Company executives
  • Contractors

If you have become a suspect of a criminal accounting fraud investigation and are seeking to prove your innocence, it is important to obtain legal assistance from a Tampa criminal defense attorney. There are many different methods of how accounting fraud can be committed and no matter what you have been charged with, speak with our firm at once!

Types of Accounting Fraud

The specific penalty that the offender will receive upon conviction depends on the type of accounting fraud committed. It can be the result of channel stuffing, which is selling at the end of the quarter whatever is necessary to meet the company's forecast. Revenue recognition is when a company recognizes revenue prior to its actual existence. Another common type of accounting fraud is when the accountant omits data with the intention of creating false statements. If books are kept open after the completion of a quarter in hopes to make up the difference, an individual can also be charged with accounting fraud.

Those who become suspects of criminal accounting fraud may have had no intention of wrongdoing. They may have not even known the action they took was against the law. One of our knowledgeable attorneys can help prove the innocence of those who have acted unintentionally. The sentences of many accounting fraud offenses can result in up to 20 years for many charges. The trouble is that most accounting fraud cases begin with an extensive federal investigation. By the time that a suspect knows that he or she is the target, the case has been building for months or even years.

Defending Your Rights

At Thomas & Paulk, one of our experienced attorneys can help you do what it takes to unfreeze your assets and prepare a strong and convincing defense. We have the knowledge that can be used to examine the situation from a variety of angles to ensure that no element has been left untouched. We have handled a variety of similar cases and brought about successful outcomes for our clients. We can assist you through each stage of the process if you have been charged with accounting fraud. Contact Thomas & Paulk to speak with one of our hard-hitting attorneys!

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