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If you have been charged with bankruptcy fraud, it is imperative to take a few necessary actions. First and foremost, you will want to secure the legal assistance of a Tampa bankruptcy fraud lawyer from our firm. You will need a lawyer who understands the laws surrounding your circumstance and is qualified to handle the white collar crime issue you are facing. You will also want to ensure that you fully understand the laws and penalties concerning this offense. You could be facing substantial consequences if you are found guilty of bankruptcy, including jail time and a heavy fine. Speak with a Tampa criminal defense lawyer at your earliest convenience!

Fraudulent Bankruptcy Practices

An individual pursuing bankruptcy can be charged with fraud if he or she provides false information on the document. Not only may the bankruptcy petition be declined, but the debtor can be charged with severe penalties. For example, an individual charged with bankruptcy fraud can face five years in jail and up to a $250,000 fine. Most bankruptcy fraud cases pertain to debtors who attempt to hide their assets from the liquidation process. A bankruptcy attorney can also be held responsible for filing incorrect paperwork on behalf of his or her client. If discrepancies are found on a bankruptcy petition, anyone involved can be charged for these fraudulent practices.

After a trustee believes that the debtor has hidden assets, funds or property, an investigation can take place. There are a variety of fraudulent practices that can take place, which include the transferring of real property or sums of money to children or other family members, filing multiple cases in different states and using stolen Social Security identification numbers. Whatever the cause of bankruptcy fraud, the consequences will be negative. Trying to file for bankruptcy in the future will be substantially more difficult because bankruptcy attorneys will not be very willing to represent their cases.

What can you do if charged with bankruptcy fraud?

If you were charged with bankruptcy fraud, it is essential to obtain a strong legal advocate at once. One of our Tampa criminal defense lawyers can guide you through your case. We help those who are charged with a white collar crime involving fraudulent bankruptcy practices to highlight the flaws in the evidence against them. It is essential to secure aggressive and experienced legal service from a firm that understands the cost of a negative case result. Our responsibility as your attorney would be to thoroughly investigate the situation to build a strong defense on your behalf. With years of experience in this field, you have the opportunity to challenge the evidence against you. Contact Thomas & Paulk today for the legal assistance you need and deserve.

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