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At Thomas & Paulk, P.A., we are aware of the difficulty you are likely facing if you are under suspicion of healthcare fraud. This can be a very complex issue because of the prosecutions involved and the manner in which the government builds a case against you. The operations of healthcare operators and professionals are scrutinized by law enforcement and therefore, any suspicion of fraudulent activity will be closely investigated. Criminal charges for healthcare fraud can be filed in either state or federal courtrooms. If you are under investigation of healthcare fraud, it is important to retain the legal services of a Tampa healthcare fraud attorney from our firm. We have a successful record with extensive experience and are prepared to guide you through your case.

Healthcare providers have recently become a large target of government scrutiny. Healthcare fraud is becoming a large issue and those who are convicted face heavy fines and possible jail time. With the increase in healthcare legislation, our Tampa criminal defense attorneys work with strong resolve to get criminal investigations to cease in order to prevent criminal charges from being filed. The penalties for fraudulent activity are severe no matter what your position is as a health care provider. Possible penalties include prison time, heavy fines and the loss of a medical license. If you do secure a qualified attorney to help you through your case, you risk facing heavy prosecution and penalties you may not deserve.

Types of Fraudulent Healthcare Activity

There is a variety of healthcare fraud that takes place throughout Florida concerning a variety of government funding programs. The overbilling for medical services is one of the most common types of healthcare fraud throughout the state. Other forms of fraud include:

  • Charging for services that were not provided
  • Inflating the cost of a healthcare procedure
  • Falsifying a patient's records
  • Performing an unnecessary surgery / procedure

These types of healthcare fraud are typically discovered in relationship to dentists, doctors, pharmacists, and other individuals who offer health care services. Healthcare fraud also involves pharmacists who bill for prescriptions that were not actually given. The burden of proof is given to the prosecutor who may have begun building a case against you prior to your knowledge that you were under suspicion.

It is essential that you have your case reviewed by one of our experienced Tampa criminal defense attorneys. Our firm is experienced in handling similar cases and can provide you with the necessary criminal defense from the beginning to end of your case. We can perform a careful review of your case to find any possible acts of maliciousness. There may be clinical or government errors and we can discover them with a thorough investigation. Contact our firm at your earliest convenience!

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