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Investigation for Federal Crimes

The offense of mail fraud is often charged as a federal crime in the United States District Court. What this means is that the investigators and prosecutors will be working ruthlessly to ensure that you are convicted and heavily penalized. Federal law enforcement agencies may have begun building a claim against you long before you became aware that you were under suspicion. Mail fraud is a non-violent theft crime and is therefore considered a white collar crime. These crimes use the U.S. mail or wire services as part of a scheme to defraud other individuals. This is a difficult offense to navigate on your own without the legal defense of a Tampa criminal defense attorney from our firm.

It is important to have an attorney by your side to help ensure that you are not making false statements to the federal investigator. Any discovery of a false statement can lead to a serious criminal charge, even if you are innocent. Those who are under investigation for federal criminal offense of mail fraud are suspected of defrauding others by way of the U.S. mail, Federal Express, United Postal Service (UPS) or other private and public carriers. If the mail fraud targets a financial institution, the penalties for a conviction may be drastically increased.

Punishments for Mail Fraud

To be convicted of mail fraud, the prosecution must prove, without a reasonable doubt, that the defendant purposefully created a plan to defraud an individual through a mail carrier and displayed intent to commit the fraud. It must also be proven that the fraud was based on a misrepresentation of material. The mail fraud statute Is Title 18, United States Code §1341, which states that it is a federal offense to use the mail to carry out a fraudulent scheme. The maximum sentence for mail fraud is 30 years in prison with a million dollar fine.

Florida's Stringent White Collar Crime Laws

The prosecution is given the burden to prove intent, which is often accomplished by circumstantial evidence. If it is found that the purpose was to defraud, the prosecutor has enough direct evidence of intent to defraud and the investigation can move forward. It is important to understand the severity of the offense you are suspected of if under investigation for mail fraud. This type of fraud crime can be difficult to defend on your own without the proper representation of a skilled attorney from our firm. If you or a loved one is under investigation for the criminal charge of mail fraud, it is important to obtain hard-hitting and experienced legal representation from Thomas & Paulk. Contact our firm at your earliest convenience to gain strong legal representation!

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