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Those who have been accused of organized fraud in Tampa will face harsh penalties if convicted. This is a specific criminal offense that is handled in a unique manner in the state of Florida. It pertains to the creation of a scheme to defraud others of their assets through the concealment of the identity of the sender. Organized fraud is fraudulent activity done by an organized group for the purpose of stealing from those who do not expect that behavior. Two common examples of this crime include phishing and spoofing. If the sender impersonates an actual company for the purpose of obtaining personal and / or financial information, this can also be charged as identity theft. If you are under investigation for a false accusation of organized fraud, it is important to speak with a Tampa criminal defense lawyer from our firm.

The investigation of organized fraud must be handled in a quick manner because an investigation may have been underway for an extensive amount of time. Our firm offers a free case evaluation for those who need legal assistance. We can thoroughly examine your case and the charges you are facing to determine the manner in which we should pursue a strong defense. A conviction for organized fraud can result in heavy penalties and a loss of reputation. It is essential to act quickly to begin pursuing your freedom from these charges.

Results of Organized Fraud Charges

If you are found guilty for charges of organized fraud, you may be facing elevated penalties for additional charges such as wire fraud. The specific penalty that you are facing will depend on the value of money and the services or goods that were obtained from the victim. You could face up to 30 years in prison and fines of up to $1 million. The victim of the fraud may also be able to seek financial restitution, which will have to come from the defendant. For this reason, it is imperative that you secure the legal assistance of one of our attorneys. We can help you pursue freedom from false charges.

You will need to seek aggressive and responsive legal assistance at once if you or a loved one is facing such charges. Organized fraud is charged under § 817.034 which is the Florida Communications Fraud Act. It is essential to enlist powerful defense to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation. A knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer from our firm has the resources, skill and experience to help you through this situation. At Thomas & Paulk, we can fight on your behalf if you are charged with organized fraud for a get rich quick scheme, bank fraud, investment fraud, insurance fraud or another similar scheme for fraud. Contact our firm today!

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