Prescription Fraud in Tampa

Florida's Tough Prescription Drug Laws

According to a recent report in The Wall Street Journal, Florida has the highest number of laws on the books concerning prescription drugs of any state in the nation. This superabundance of legislation on the topic of prescription medication is due in large part to the role that this state has played in the nationwide explosion in prescription drug abuse. For years, Florida was the top destination in the United States for "prescription tourists," drug dealers and addicts who would come to the state to visit one of the then-unregulated pain clinics to obtain a prescription which they could use to obtain powerful painkillers such as oxycodone and Vicodin. The problem included not only the easy flow of prescription medications into other states, but also a widespread problem of abuse within Florida. For example, prescription drug abuse is the number one killer of middle aged Floridians, and oxycodone alone killed more people in 2009 than heroin, morphine and cocaine combined.

Cracking Down on Prescription Drug Abuse

The proliferation of laws to combat prescription drug abuse has resulted in measures such as the prescription drug abuse monitoring program, a system which provides law enforcement with access to information concerning the prescription, dispensing and consumption of these drugs. The goal is to catch doctors and patients alike who exceed the boundaries of medical necessity and sell or purchase prescription drugs for nonmedical and recreational use. There are two primary targets in this effort: pill mills and doctor shoppers. The first term describes physicians, pain clinics and pharmacies that unscrupulously dispense large quantities of pain meds and other pharmaceutical drugs, usually with money being the primary concern rather than the health of the patient. Doctor shopping, in comparison, describes the activity of visiting several doctors with the same physical complaints in order to obtain multiple prescriptions for a drug.

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