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Wire fraud is a federal offense that takes place when an individual intentionally schemes a plan to defraud individuals of property or finances. It is done using wires such as the internet, phone lines, financial wire transfers and even the telephone. Wire fraud is a serious federal crime that will be brought about by the Department of Justice and not prosecutors. The penalties for this offense are similar to mail fraud in that the penalties are very serious. A conviction can include a maximum prison sentence of 20 years and up to a million dollar fine. It is essential to retain the legal assistance of a Tampa criminal defense lawyer if you are under suspicion of a wire crime.

Investigations for Wire Fraud Charges

Those who are under investigation of wire fraud are being investigated for making false representation by way of the telephone or an internet communication. The knowing misrepresentation of the truth can result in a thorough investigation. This refers to a broad range of fraud, which refers to anyone who defrauds others of money or property through a scheme. At Thomas & Paulk, we can handle your case if it involves the representation of false information involving interstate matters. We offer legal assistance with your case if you are under investigation and are in need of an aggressive defense.

An individual can be determined guilty of wire fraud if a few factors are proven to be true beyond a reasonable doubt. The first is that the individual willingly devised a scheme to defraud or obtained money through a false pretense. The other factor that must be proven to be true is that the individual knowingly transmitted sound, by wire in interstate commerce, which had the direct purpose of defrauding. The government must prove that the individual knowingly devised the scheme to defraud. Every use of the interstate wire to further the scheme will constitute as its own offense.

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It is essential to secure the legal service of our team whose goal it is to assist you through your case. Wire fraud is often used as an add-on to other fraudulent charges so that sentences can be increased. For that reason, it is essential that you get your name cleared if you are under investigation for a crime you did not commit. If you are at risk for a wire fraud conviction, there is no time to waste. Speak with a Tampa wire fraud defense lawyer from our firm as soon as possible. Our defense team is prepared to assist you through this case. Feel free to contact Thomas & Paulk to speak with one of our Tampa criminal defense attorneys.

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