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This time following a DUI arrest can be exceptionally confusing and the laws can be complex. That is why we encourage you to discuss your situation with a skilled lawyer from our team as soon as possible. If you would simply like to learn more about what you’re facing or have questions about common DUI topics, we encourage you to read below:

  • Actual Physical Control – It is not enough in DUI cases to simply prove that an individual was drunk. It must also be proven that the individual was in actual physical control of the vehicle. This can be done by proving they were in possession of or close to a key, located in the driver’s seat, and more.
  • Alternative Sentencing – In the state of Florida, judges who are overseeing court hearings for DUI have the option to order alternative sentences in lieu of having the defendant serve jail time. This may include enrolling in a Day Reporting Program or an Electrical Monitoring Program. For some individuals, DUI offenders may have the option of a Residential Drug or Alcohol Treatment Program.
  • Gasparilla Pirate Fest – Every year, the Tampa area is “invaded” during the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. While this is a fun event, it can also lead to a spike in arrests for alcohol-related crimes, such as DUI, underage drinking, and more. Our firm is skilled in representing individuals who have been arrested during this annual festival.

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