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Charged with manufacturing illegal drugs? Under Florida law, this crime can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges. The Tampa drug crimes attorneys at our firm can provide the representation you need to stand up against even the toughest charges. At Thomas & Paulk, we consider every case to be of primary importance. We dedicate our full energy to treating every client as top priority, regardless of the charges they are facing. We have an insider's perspective on criminal law, marked by years of experience spanning more than 7,000 cases. Don't face your charges without a seasoned defense lawyer at your side!

Types of Manufacturing Charges

Manufacturing is closely tied with cultivation, and can lead to similar charges. Sentencing for an offense will be determined by the type of drug manufactured and how many times you have been convicted of the crime. Even with a lesser offense, a number of related charges can increase the sentencing you may face.

Other manufacturing charges include:

When combined, these charges can easily result in a first degree felony that leads to harsh sentencing and fines. If you have been charged with any or all manufacturing offenses, an experienced attorney can provide the representation needed to protect your rights and seek a favorable outcome. Our firm offers the aggressive legal services you require.

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