Possession with Intent to Sell

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Mere possession of illegal drugs is enough to warrant a criminal charge. When coupled with the intent to sell, this offense will yield steeper fines and longer terms of prison sentencing. If you have been charged with intent to sell illegal substances, get in touch with an attorney from Thomas & Paulk today. Our legal team has helped clients navigate more than 7,000 cases, many with successful results. With more than two decades of combined experience, we are ready to defend your rights in the toughest circumstances.

Proving Intent to Sell

In order to convict a person of intent to sell, prosecution must be able to provide evidence that they possessed the desire, ability, and/or equipment to distribute an illegal substance. They must also demonstrate that the defendant possessed the drug in question.

Any of the following can be used to prove intent to sell:

  • Expressed intention to sell
  • Presence of weapons or money
  • Paraphernalia or packaging used for distribution
  • Other incriminating evidence

In spite of the evidence required for such a conviction, a capable attorney can often take a number of avenues to help you develop a favorable defense. In some cases, our legal team may be able to demonstrate that you were not in possession of a drug or related substances. In others, we can help you demonstrate that your rights were violated during the course of a search and seizure. Our firm can provide unwavering representation to combat aggressive charges.

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Depending on your circumstances, you could face severe and long-lasting consequences for your alleged intent to sell. Now is the time to act and challenge your charges. Our drug crime lawyers in Tampa are prepared to take your case.

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