Field Sobriety Test

Mr. Paulk discusses the field sobriety exercises and how they may help your case.

Field sobriety exercises are the tests that the police officer had you perform on the night of your arrest. Almost always those field sobriety exercises are videotaped. Those are standardized test that require specific instruction. It’s important to have an attorney who understands those exercises evaluate your video tell you whether or not the officer asked you to perform the exercises properly and how you performed. We are entitled to that video tape it is important that we see it before you resolve your case in court. Please give us a call - we will be happy to take your case, demand a copy of your video and review that video with you. It gives us a chance to see if any mistakes were made, if the officer asked you the proper questions of whether or not you have any injuries or balance problems. So please feel free to call us and we will be happy to evaluate your case, talk to you about it and tell you exactly how you did on your field sobriety exercises. 

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