Miscellaneous Cases Results

    • Warrant - Miscellaneous Cases All charges dismissed and warrant removed

      Client was living overseas and discovered that he had a warrant for an old theft charge. Our client wanted the warrant removed but did not want to return for court. We filed a motion to dismiss for violation of statute of limitations and all charges were dismissed. Our client's warrant was removed and he can return to the United States without fear of arrest.

    • Passport Denied Because of Outstanding Warrant - Miscellaneous Cases Warrant dismissed

      In a recent case, our client attempted to apply for a passport and was denied because of an old outstanding warrant for a probation violation. The client had moved to another state, but could not come back to have the warrant lifted without facing the possibility of arrest. Our firm was contacted via phone since our client could not return to Florida and immediately began to help. We contacted both the Court and the State Attorney and were able to get them to agree to have the warrant dismissed after our client paid minimum court costs.

    • Carrying Concealed Weapon - Miscellaneous Cases Diversion program to get charges dismissed

      Client was stopped by the TSA for having a switchblade knife in his bag at the Tampa International Airport. After being retained we were able to explain the State Attorney's Office that our client had not intended to bring the weapon to the airport and that it was in his bag without his knowledge. Based on this, the State Attorney allowed our client to enter a court diversion program that will result in the charges being dismissed.

    • Resisting an Officer - Miscellaneous Cases All charges dropped

      Client was arrested resisting an officer without violence. We filed a motion to dismiss the case before Judge Greco in Hillsborough County. At the motion hearing we successfully argued to the court that the officer was acting without legal authority. The judge granted our motion and all charges were dropped.

    • Resisting an Officer Without Violence - Miscellaneous Cases All charges dropped

      Our client was removed from an intervention program for failure to complete the program. Our client is a college student who is now living out of state. We were retained to represent the client when his case was sent back to court for prosecution on the original charge of disorderly conduct and obstructing or opposing an officer without violence. The original allegations were that our client was passed out on a sidewalk in Ybor City, Florida and that when an officer attempted to wake the defendant he pulled away from the officer and told the officer to get away from him. In our review the case we determined that our client had not done anything that would justify his arrest for disorderly conduct and that he had a right to obstruct his unlawful arrest. The Office of the State Attorney agreed, and all charges were dropped.

    • Obstructing or Opposing an Officer Without Violence / Loitering and Prowling - Miscellaneous Cases No charges filed

      Client was accused of not obeying an officer's order to stop and identify himself. Police then claimed that our client fled from them so they pursued him and arrested him for obstructing, as well as loitering and prowling. The police were not able to establish that they ever had any reason to detain our client for any crime. It is not unlawful to resist an unlawful detention, and we were able to show the State Attorney's Office that this was an unlawful detention. The State Attorney agreed with our argument and no charges were filed against our client; he never had to appear in court.

    • False Name to Law Enforcement - Miscellaneous Cases All charges dismissed

      Client was a student at the University of Tampa when they were arrested for providing a false ID to a police officer. We took on the case and were able to get our client into an intervention program as our client had no prior record. Ultimately, this program will result in our client having all of the criminal charges completely dismissed.

    • False Police Report - Miscellaneous Cases No charges filed

      Our firm was retained for an individual who was under investigation for allegedly filing a false police report. In this case, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office sent a direct file to the State Attorney's Office, which means that they were not positive that they had enough probable cause for an arrest. We were able to provide enough evidence to prove that the police report in question was not false. Ultimately, no charges were filed.

    • Disorderly Conduct - Miscellaneous Cases All charges dismissed

      Our client was at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa when security approached her and took her purse after a report that it contained a firearm. Our client had a valid concealed weapon permit and strongly objected to the unlawful seizure of her property and her person. Security claimed that her objections disturbed other patrons of the casino and she was arrested for disorderly conduct. We filed a motion to dismiss based on the fact that our client's objection to the unlawful conduct by the Hard Rock was not disorderly conduct. The State Attorney agreed that the motion was well taken and all charges against our client were dismissed.

    • Criminal Mischief - Miscellaneous Cases Diversion program to dismiss charges

      Our client was charged with criminal mischief after a neighbor accused her of damaging a car over a parking space fight. After moving out of state, our client received a notice to appear in a Tampa court. Because the charge was for a misdemeanor, our firm was able to appear on her behalf in court. We were able to successfully enter our client into a diversion program that can be completed by mail. Upon completion of the program, our client's charges would be dismissed without her ever having to return to the state of Florida.

    • Failure to Return Leased Property - Miscellaneous Cases Warrant Withdrawn & Charges Dismissed

      Client discovered she had a warrant for her arrest for failing to return property that she rented. We were retained to help our client clear up the warrant. Our client was concerned that if she was arrested on the warrant she would lose her job. After we were retained, we spoke with the alleged victim in the case and arranged for payment of restitution. After restitution was paid, the State Attorney agreed to withdraw the warrant and dismiss all charges. Our client did not have to turn herself in or appear in court for the charge.

    • Request for Repeat Violence Injunction - Miscellaneous Cases Injunction Dropped

      Client was served with a request for an injunction based on a disagreement with a neighbor. We were retained to handle the hearing for the injunction and were able to speak to the neighbor requesting the injunction. In our discussions with the neighbor, we were successful in getting the neighbor to agree to drop the injunction preserving our client’s right to possess a firearm and saving his ability to keep his security license.