Theft Crimes Results

    • Grand Theft - Theft Crimes All Charges Dropped

      Client was accused of grand theft for stealing and cashing a forged check. We were able to speak to the alleged victim in the case and the victim agreed to speak to the State Attorney about dropping the charges. Our office had our client perform some community service hours, and we presented these to the State Attorney. All charges were dropped.

    • Robbery - Theft Crimes Dropped robbery charges given time served

      Client charged with robbery; facing five years in prison. During deposition of alleged victim, we discovered she had an extensive criminal record. When we set case for trial, the State Attorney dropped robbery charges and client was given time served with no probation.

    • Auto Burglary and Grand Theft - Theft Crimes All charges dismissed

      The case involved a minor. After retaining our office, the case was set for adjudicatory hearing and all charges were dismissed.

    • Failure to Return Leased Property - Theft Crimes Warrant Withdrawn & Charges Dropped

      Client had a warrant issued for her failure to return property that she had leased from her son. She contacted our firm before she was arrested. We immediately launched an investigation where we were able to prove to the State Attorney that our client had no idea that the property had not been returned. The State Attorney agreed to withdraw the warrant and to have all charges dropped.

    • Grand Theft and Uttering a Forged Instrument - Theft Crimes State dropped all charges after restitution paid

      Client was arrested for having an old felony warrant for grand theft and uttering a forged instrument while in Virginia. After being arrested, he contacted our criminal lawyers to see if there was a way that our firm could get the case handled without the client having to return to the state of Florida. After being retained, we reached out and contacted the State Attorney; we convicted the State that our client was willing to make restitution. Between that, and the age of the case, our negotiations were successful. The State dropped all charges after restitution was paid. Our client never had to return to Florida, and did not have to deal with felony convictions on his criminal record.

    • Robbery with a Firearm - Theft Crimes Reduced charges to strong arm robbery

      In 1998, our client had been arrested and robbery with a firearm. After failing to appear at court, a warrant was issued. He then moved overseas, where he lived for more than a decade. Recently, when he decided that he would like to return, he contacted our firm because he was afraid he would be immediately arrested in Customs. Our firm took on the case and was able to prove to the State Attorney that our client was a changed man from who he was when the original arrest occurred and that he had substantially assisted the country in his time away. The State Attorney agreed to reduce charges to strong arm robbery with no felony conviction.

    • Grand Theft Second Degree - Theft Crimes All charges dropped, pretrial diversion program

      Our client was second degree grand theft after being accused of stealing more than $40,000 from his employer. These charges could have led to more than 15 years in a state prison; because it was a second degree felony charge, our client was told that they were not eligible for a pretrial diversion program. Despite this, we were able to negotiate with the State Attorney and get the charges dropped to a third degree felony. The State also agreed to let our client enter into a pretrial diversion program, where all charges being held against our client would be dropped upon full completion.

    • Grand Theft - Theft Crimes Pretrial diversion program all charges dismissed

      Client was charged with grand theft for allegedly taking a ring from home where he was working. We spoke with the State Attorney to arrange for the payment of restitution. The State Attorney and the victim they agreed to allow our client to enter a pretrial diversion program. At the conclusion of this program, all charges against our client will be dismissed.

    • First Degree Grand Theft $100,000 or More, Dealing in Stolen Property & False Information to Pawn Broker - Theft Crimes Probation with No Time in Prison

      Client was charged with the theft of over $100,000 in jewelry and was facing up to 25 years in Florida State Prison. Because of the amount of the alleged theft, our client was facing over five years in prison at the bottom of the sentencing guidelines. In reviewing the entire discovery, we noticed discrepancies in the value of the jewelry claimed stolen by the victim. We were able to pull other court documents from an unrelated court case to help establish what jewelry was owned by the alleged victim. We then conducted a deposition of the victim where further questions were raised in regards to the value of the missing property. Due to the problems we discovered with the case, the State agreed to offer our client probation without any time in prison.

    • Burglary of Dwelling with Assault or Battery - Theft Crimes Battery Case Dropped & Not Convicted of Trespass

      Client was arrested for a first degree felony for burglary of a dwelling with assault or battery. The alleged victim claimed that our client battered her as he entered her home to take the child that they had in common. We were retained to help our client get a reasonable bond in the case. We attended first appearance court and convinced the court to set a reasonable bond. We then contacted the State Attorney and were successful in getting the charges reduced to misdemeanor battery and trespass.We then represented our client in misdemeanor court where we were able to get the battery case dropped and our client was not convicted of the trespass and only had to pay court costs and is now eligible to have his record expunged.