Traffic Violations Results

    • Leaving the Scene of Traffic Crash - Traffic Violations Client Was Never Arrested

      Client was contacted by a law enforcement officer regarding a car accident where the driver had left the scene of the accident. The vehicle in question had been registered to our client and the officer had wanted to speak to him about the crash. Prior to speaking to the detective, the client called our office; we informed the detective that our client would only make a statement if he would not face any criminal charges. Our firm was able to reach an agreement with the detective that our client would make a statement if he was only charged with a civil infraction. In the end, our client was never criminally charged or arrested and his civil infraction was eventually dismissed.

    • Habitual Traffic Offender - Traffic Violations Driver's license back with no restrictions

      Client went to court without an attorney and pled to driving while license suspended. His plea to that charge made him a habitual traffic offender and his license was suspended for five years. Client hired us to get his plea withdrawn and we were able to get the five year suspension removed and he was able to get his driver's license back with no restrictions.

    • Leaving the Scene of an Accident - Traffic Violations Found not guilty

      Client was leaving the scene of accident. We set case for trial and client was found not guilty of any charges.

    • Leaving the Scene of a Crash and Driving While License Suspended - Traffic Violations Plea for court costs with no admission of guilt

      Our client faced criminal charges after a car crashed into a building. The owner of the vehicle claimed our client was the driver. Since our client had a suspended license, he faced criminal charges both for leaving the scene of the accident and driving on a suspended license. Due to the severity of the charged, our client was facing serious criminal penalties – especially because his criminal record included prior DUI charges. Our firm, however, was able to argue that the only witness to the accident, the owner of the vehicle, had motive to falsely accuse our client. Based upon our reasoning, the State allowed our client to enter a plea for court costs with no admission of guilt. He was not sentenced to imprisonment or probation.

    • Leaving the Scene of an Accident with Injury - Traffic Violations Probation and 25 hours of community service

      Our client was arrested and the felony charge of leaving the scene of an accident with injury, a third degree felony punishable by up to five years in state prison. It was alleged that our client caused a multiple car accident and that he fled the scene of the accident without stopping. Through our investigation of the case we were able to determine that the injury alleged were not sufficient for the State to prove the felony charge of leaving the scene with injury. The State was forced to drop the felony to a misdemeanor charge and our client received probation with only twenty five community service hours.

    • Driving While License Canceled Suspended or Revoked with Knowledge - Traffic Violations All charges dropped

      Client was stopped by police for driving with a suspended license, for a lapse in insurance coverage and also for an alleged Sunpass toll violation. The client fixed her insurance coverage and we filed to contest the toll violation and the DWLS. We set the case for non-jury trial in order to force the state to prove that the defendant was driving with knowledge that her license was suspended. At the time of the trial, the state announced a nolle pros and all charges were dropped.

    • Driving While License Suspended Canceled or Revoked - Traffic Violations Only pay court cost and no probation

      Client charged with driving on a suspended license for the 9th time; he was classified as a Habitual Traffic Offender. The client has a lengthy prior record, and the Prosecutor asked for 60 days in jail. After some discussions with the State, we were able to resolve the case with no jail time. The client entered a plea that only required him to only pay court cost and no probation.

    • Leaving the Scene of an Accident - Traffic Violations No charges filed

      Client was in involved in an accident and left the scene before police arrived. Tampa Police Department opened an investigation and was searching to charge the driver with leaving the scene. We contacted law enforcement and through negotiations were able provide insurance coverage information and other information to satisfy the victim. Consequently the client was not arrested and no charges were filed.

    • Driving on a Suspended License - Traffic Violations No Jail or Probation

      Client was arrested for driving on a 10 year driver’s license suspension in Pinellas County. Client was facing jail time for getting stopped driving on a license that had been suspended for 10 years. We were able to sow mitigating evidence to the prosecutor about why our client was driving and the State agreed to only seek a fine and no jail or probation.