Violent Crimes Results

    • Battery - Violent Crimes State Attorney Dropped All Charges

      Client was charged with battery after being involved with a physical altercation with his neighbor. The neighbor alleged that our client struck him in the face with his fist during an argument. Our client had no prior criminal record, and we were able to show that the neighbor had been repeatedly harassing our client’s grandson. We also discovered that the neighbor had a prior criminal history and mental health issues. Faced with this new evidence, the State Attorney dropped all charges.

    • Resisting Arrest with Violence - Violent Crimes All Charges Were Dismissed

      Client was being detained by police and was alleged to have been involved with a struggle with the officers. One of the Officers suffered a broken leg during the detention of our client. In investigating the incident we discovered that the detention of our client was illegal at that the officer’s leg was likely broken from falling down, and not as a result of our client’s actions. Because of these additional facts the Sate Attorney agreed to allow our client to enter a pretrial diversion program and all charges were dismissed.

    • Battery Domestic Violence - Violent Crimes All Charges Dropped

      Client was arrested for domestic violence involving her husband. We spoke to our client’s husband, and he did not wish to proceed with prosecution. We were then able to present this information along with other exculpatory facts to the State Attorney’s Office. They dropped all charges.

    • Attempted Murder - Violent Crimes Reduced to aggravated assault with probation

      Client was arrested and attempted murder for firing a rifle at another person. The police claimed that our client made racial slurs and that the bullet missed the victim by only a few feet. Because a gun was fired during the commission of this crime, client was facing a mandatory twenty year prison sentence under 10-20-Life. After presenting the State Attorney with mitigating evidence about our client, charges were reduced to aggravated assault and the client received probation with no felony conviction.

    • Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence - Violent Crimes Injunction request was denied

      Client's ex-girlfriend filed for injunction against our client. At the injunction hearing, our office prevailed and the injunction request was denied.

    • Resisting Arrest with Violence - Violent Crimes All charges dropped

      Client felony resisting arrest with violence. Fish and Wildlife Officer claimed our client threatened him with harm during the arrest. We were able to show the State Attorney that our client was not guilty of a felony and all charges were dropped.

    • Battery - Violent Crimes All charges dropped and client was released

      Client a new battery that violated felony probation. Our office set the battery for trial and all charges were dropped on day of trial. Because new charges were dropped the State could not proceed on felony violation and client was released.

    • Battery - Violent Crimes Dropped all charges

      Our client was battery after helping her sister who was in a fight with a male. Officers did not believe that our client was fighting to defend another and charged her with battery. Beyond the penalties associated with battery charges, our client would have suffered even more so because her employment would have been terminated had she incurred a criminal record. We, however, took on the case and immediately set it for jury trial. We also presented the State Attorney with further evidence which showed that our client was fighting in defense of another. The State chose to drop all charges on the day of the trial.

    • Aggravated Assault with a Firearm - Violent Crimes All charges were dismissed

      Our client was a 70-year-old decorated military veteran who was aggravated assault with a firearm; if convicted, he would have faced a three year mandatory minimum prison sentence. Our client, who is a concealed carry permit holder, was driving home when two young men began to follow him after claiming that he cut them off in traffic. In an attempt to lose them, our client turned down a dead end road. The young men followed him, causing our client to get out of his car and defend himself with his firearm. The young men then proceeded to call law enforcement claiming that our client was threatening them. We took on the case and filed a motion to seek immunity under the Stand Your Ground law. The Judge agreed that our client had no reason to retreat in that situation and allowed for him to receive protection under the Stand Your Ground law. All charges were dismissed.

    • Aggravated Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer - Violent Crimes Misdemeanor diversion program, charges dropped

      After our client got into a disagreement with a law enforcement officer following a parking violation, the Deputy claimed our client attempted to strike him with the vehicle. This led to our client being criminally aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. Once we looked into the case, we discovered that there were several discrepancies in the Deputy's story. We were able to prove that not only was the Deputy not legally permitted to cite our client, but that our client had never attempted to strike the Deputy. In the end, the State agreed to drop all felony charges. The State then agreed to permit our client into a misdemeanor diversion program, with all charges being dropped following completion.

    • Felony Child Abuse - Violent Crimes Declined to file any criminal charges

      Client was arrested with felony child abuse after his 13-year-old son claimed he hit him in the face. The incident led to deputy's from the Hillsborough County Sherriff's Office being called out the home and filing charges. The evidence, however, showed the son had started the incident by striking his father first and that our client had only been responding to the violence. When the State Attorney reviewed the case, we were able to provide ample evidence corroborating this fact. The State agreed with the evidence and declined to file any criminal charges.

    • Aggravated Assault with a Firearm - Violent Crimes Reduced to two misdemeanors, a year of probation

      Client was charged after allegedly pointing a firearm at another man during an argument and then firing the weapon into the ground. Under Florida's 10-20-Life law, he was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of at least 3 years, potentially 20 if it could be proved that he discharged the firearm. Our firm took on the case and set depositions of all of the witnesses; during those depositions, we gained testimony that directly conflicted with prior statements to law enforcement. The alleged victim also failed to appear at the first and all further depositions. Due to this, the State Attorney reduced the case to two misdemeanor charges, and our client received only a single year of probation.

    • Affray - Violent Crimes All charges dropped

      After being involved in a fight, our client was affray. The officer who arrested our client observed him fighting with three other people on South Howard Avenue; however, the officer did not see the fight begin and arrested all of the individuals involved. Our client is a defense contractor with government security clearance and was defending himself during the fight; due to the nature of his work, an arrest of any kind would have a significant impact on both his job and his security clearance. When we took on the case, we realized that the officers had not gathered statements or names from any of the witnesses who had observed the fight. Per Florida law, members of the general public must be disturbed for an instance to be considered affray. Since the State did not have any members of the public to bring forward as witnesses, and because our client had a legitimate claim of self-defense, we made a motion to dismiss the case. The judge granted our motion to dismiss the case and all charges were dropped.

    • Battery on an Elderly Person - Violent Crimes State Attorney decided to not charge

      Client charged for battery of an elderly person after two family members called 911. Once we took on the case we obtained a copy of the 911 call which we used to prove that our client was actually the victim and had been the one to make the call. Further review of the case showed that the accusers had made false statements to the deputies who reported to the house in fear of being arrested. We spoke about the intake of the case to the State Attorney who decided to not charge our client.

    • Felony Battery - Violent Crimes Charges dismissed

      Client felony battery over a fight with another student at school who was injured. We argued to the state that just because two people fight does not mean guilty of battery. People can mutually agree to fight in the heat of the moment. At the adjudicatory hearing, the state could not go forward on the charge and we motioned the Court to dismiss the charges. Motion was granted and charges were dismissed.

    • Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, Shooting at an Occupied Vehicle & Domestic Violence Battery - Violent Crimes Probation with no prison time

      Our client was accused of aggravated assault, shooting at an occupied vehicle, and domestic violence battery; he was facing allegations for getting into an argument with his girlfriend and then striking her vehicle with his own before shooting at it with a shotgun while she drove away. Our client was arrested and held on a $50,000 bond; under Florida's 10-20-Life Law, he was facing mandatory 20 year prison sentence. We negotiated with the State Attorney and got them to agree to not charge our client under that law. In the end, our client was given probation with no prison time.

    • Domestic Violence Battery - Violent Crimes State Attorney decided to not file charges

      Our client was arrested in Busch Gardens after a security officer reported to police that our client was fighting with her husband. After police arrived, both our client and her husband were arrested and accused of domestic violence battery. Because this arrest occurred on a Friday, our client was scheduled to appear in court on Saturday for her bond hearing. We took on the case and made that first appearance for our client—resulting in our client being released without having to post bond. We later argued that because both wife and husband were arrested, they both had the right to remain silent and thus there was no way to prove the allegations. The State Attorney ultimately decided to not filed any criminal charges against the pair.

    • Domestic Violence Battery - Violent Crimes All charges dismissed

      Client was arrested for an alleged battery on his step daughter. Our client was a 71-year-old man with no prior criminal record. Because our client was arrested for domestic violence, Florida law required that he go before a judge before his bond was set. Even though our client was arrested on a Sunday, his wife was able to contact our on-call attorney. We were able to appear at his court date the following morning and to present the court with information about the alleged victim's history to the Judge. Our client was released without bond and was allowed to return to his home. We were then able to provide further evidence to the State Attorney showing that our client did not commit a battery and all charges were dismissed.