White Collar Crimes Results

    • Worthless Check - White Collar Crimes All charges dismissed

      Client felony worthless check. Defendant moved out of state and was unaware that the State charged her with worthless check. When she became aware she had warrant for her arrest she contacted our office. Because the State never made attempts to arrest our client for several years we were able to get all of her charges dismissed. Our client did not have to be arrested or return to Florida.

    • Fraud - White Collar Crimes Not charged or arrested

      Client was accused of defrauding the government and was looking at a felony charge with up to a five year prison sentence. We were able to speak to the State Attorney prior to charges being filed. Because we contacted State Attorney early, our client was not charged or arrested. Our office was able to arrange repayment of disputed funds and our client has no record.

    • Use of Fraudulent Identification - White Collar Crimes Paid court costs, no criminal record

      Client was on spring break from out of state at Clearwater Beach and was caught using a fake ID. Officer charged her with the felony charge of use of fraudulent identification. Our office was successful in getting felony charges dropped and our client only had to pay court costs of $300.00 and received no criminal record. We were able to handle entire case without our client having to return to Florida for court.