Prescription Drug Busts Increasing

Tampa City Council has authorized Police "inspections" of pain clinics, which are allegedly giving prescriptions for drugs such as Oxycodone to patients who are not in pain but are drug seekers. The inspections are allowed to occur at any time and, if abuses are found, the police can make arrests. Being a pain clinic is now "reasonable suspicion" for illegal activity, according to the City Council.

There are many reasons for the crackdown on pain clinics. Florida does not track the use of prescription drugs, which means it is easier to commit drug crimes, through doctor shopping (finding a doctor who will prescribe what you ask for, regardless of whether or not you have medical need of it), drug trafficking, and obtaining a controlled substance by fraud. It also has the highest number of doctors who are top prescribers of Oxycodone - 92 out of the top 100, to be exact. Tampa also has a high rate of drug overdoses; there were 179 overdoses from prescription drugs that resulted in death last year.

One major drug bust revealed dozens of out of state customers, but produced only 4 misdemeanor arrests. It is highly questionable whether the City Council is acting constitutionally, as it very well may be a violation of due process search and seizure rights.

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