Marijuana Bust Leads to Five Arrests

Five men were arrested after deputies from the Hillsborough Sherriff's Department discovered that their home was being used to store enormous amounts of marijuana.

The bust actually began when illegally dumped trash on private property was investigated by deputies. One item found in the trash led to the address of the five men. After the deputies were invited inside their home, they discovered massive amounts, between 2,000 to 10,000 pounds, of marijuana were being stored there for trafficking purposes.

Four of the men were immediately arrested while the fifth man attempted to flee. He was stopped and caught by a K-9 a short distance from the residence. All five men were arrested and face charges for drug trafficking, and one of the men was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer.

A search warrant is being obtained so that deputies can search the home for additional drugs.

Drug crime charges in Tampa can be very serious, especially for felony crimes such as drug trafficking, drug possession or other related crimes that authorities may charge you with depending upon the circumstances of the case. If large amounts of drugs such as marijuana are found in your possession, it could be pursued by investigators that you intended to sell or distribute those drugs, leading to additional serious drug charges.

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