Thomas & Paulk Clears Innocent Man's Name

This case is a perfect example of how an innocent person can find themselves facing serious felony charges. Our client was looking for work and placed his resume on several online job sites. He was then contacted by email by someone overseas claiming to need a person in the United States to process payments (this is always a scam!). Our client was sent a detailed job application that he filled out and returned. The scammer even had a fake website for the company set up that our client viewed to confirm that it was a real company. He was then sent a check that he was to deposit for the company and wire them the funds. When our client went to deposit the check it was discovered that the check was fake and he was arrested for serious felony charges. After we were retained, we were able to verify with the Postal Inspector that the check was sent to our client from a known fraudulent postal account. We presented all of the above information to the State Attorney and all charges against our client were dropped.

Retaining the services of a criminal defense lawyer is one of the first things you should do if you are arrested or discover that you are under investigation for any type of crime. At Thomas & Paulk, we are committed to representing the interests and constitutional rights of our clients inside and outside of the criminal courtroom. To learn more about your case and how we can assist you, contact a Tampa criminal defense attorney at our law offices today.