Police Search for Criminal who Tried to Trade Baby for Food

According to the New York Daily News, a hungry man recently took a tot to a motel and tried to pedal him off to a willing family in exchange for some substance. The man was going door to door at the motel in order to get the money that he needed for a much needed meal. The man in orange wearing a bucket hat was caught on a surveillance camera, but has yet to be caught. He committed his crime at about 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, August 4th. From watching the videos taken by surveillance, the police have discovered that the man was swinging the baby around like a rag doll. One witness called the police after being confronted by the man with the baby.

This witness described the situation as “infuriating” and “sick.” The police tried to track down the peddler but did not catch him after he allegedly visited a McDonald’s with the baby still in tow. The man then got into a cab with another woman and took off. The police are not aware as to whether or not the baby belonged to the man. There is a possibility that the man abducted the child and was trying to pawn him off in order to obtain the food that he needed.

If this is a true assumption, then the man will be tried for child abduction and child abuse. If you have been accused of a child crime such as child abuse, child endangerment, or another offense, then you need a criminal defense lawyer on your side to prove you innocence. Without the help of a convincing attorney, you may face years in prison for your actions. Talk to someone at Thomas & Paulk today to secure excellent defense in your trial.