Prostitution/Drug Ring Affiliates Arrested in Florida

Jessica Jenkins and Kathryn Campbell were not only selling cocaine, but selling themselves as prostitutes to make a living. The two desperate women were involved in a ring that was connected with Travis Dunn and Dallini Casler. The men sold cocaine to customers, and also allowed the women to sell the drug after they had their engagements with customers, The Melbourne police took the two suspected prostitutes and the drug dealers into custody on Tuesday after an ongoing undercover operation pointed to them.

The police had been posing as customers, asking about the prostitutes and the drugs available while dressed in common clothes and acting as interested parties. Once they were able to arrange times to meet with the girls and buy drugs, they led the criminals to a central location. When they arrived, the police were waiting with handcuffs and declarations of arrest. The four are now in the Brevard County Jail Complex.

If you have been charged with an offense like this one, and were caught because of an undercover operation, then you need representation at your trial. It may not seem fair that you were caught because of the police’s wily ways, but they have a right to perform undercover operations to catch drug dealers and prostitutes. Still, the police need to uphold certain statutes when performing these undercover operations.

You will want to talk to a lawyer right away about the manner in which you were arrested. As well, you will want to make sure that you have a tactful lawyer on your side that will develop a smart defense. If possible, we will try to prove you innocent of your crimes. If we cannot successfully take this line of defense, then we will work hard to reduce your sentence through a plea bargain or with other means. Talk to lawyer at Thomas & Paulk today for more information!