Suspects of Florida Burglaries Attempt to Swim to Their Escape

According to the Tampa Bay Times, in Hernando and Pasco Counties in Florida there have been recent series of burglaries in the residential areas of their community. Police officials believe however, that these events may finally be coming to an end after a 21 year old woman, Chelsea Lane and a 41 year old accomplice were arrested in their attempt to flee the scene. The pair was allegedly caught in the act as they attempted a residential break in by the home owner; who was committed to catching them.

As Lane was seen in her attempt to break into the home, she decided to flee, and the homeowner followed. Lane allegedly jumped in to the Weeki Wachee River and began a backstroke to the other side of the water, thinking she had lost the owner in pursuit. Unfortunately for her, the local law enforcement officials were there on the other side of the water waiting for her, cuffs in hand.

Chelsea Lane was arrested at the scene and is now facing crime charges for breaking and entering as well as burglary for six different homes in the area. Residential reports state that Chelsea stole house goods and then would proceed to pawn them off, the older accomplice is believed to only have acted as the getaway car for four of the six burglaries. After her arrest, Lane admitted to her actions and discussed with the officers the very acts she did to accomplish her theft, generally using a sliding glass door as her point of entry.

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