Two Women Arrested for Human Trafficking Across State Lines

Two women were arrested last week in the state of Florida on charges of felony human trafficking. They are believed to have brought several illegal immigrants across state borders over the past few months. According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, the suspects – K.R., 21, and J.R., 29 – were pulled over during a routine traffic stop. When a police officer noticed that their vehicle did not have a license plate, they were stopped. The officer also learned that the driver did not have a valid license. While the first two offenses were questionable, police soon learned that one of the suspects had cocaine on her body.

Officers reported that the other suspect had five Mexican citizens in her vehicle, all of whom were illegal aliens. An investigation into the suspect revealed that she has been transporting immigrants from Alabama to Florida on a regular basis. In addition to the drugs, police also found $6,000 in cash in the vehicle. The officers have assumed that this money was obtained through human trafficking efforts across state lines. If you are facing felony charges in Tampa, now is the time to contact Thomas & Paulk so you can seek the aggressive assistance of a Tampa criminal defense lawyer.