Florida Reviews Police Chase Policies After Bus Crash in Gulfport

Police are supposed to keep our cities and states safe by taking dangerous drivers and criminals out of the public eye. While police are devoted to reducing accidents by eliminating the amount of drunk drivers and reckless motorists on the road, a recent crash caused law enforcement to re-think whether or not their own driving practices are safe. This past week, a police chase involving a stolen car ended in an awful collision. The police car, as well as the pursued individual’s automobile both crashed into an in unsuspecting bus. The car’s driver and a passenger in the stolen vehicle were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The driver also had a two-year old son in the back of the car, who was hurt significantly.

The transit bus that was hit was damaged badly. After smashing into the bus, the driver plowed into a home, wrecking the construction and causing unspeakable damage. Currently, there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to police chases in Florida. The officers need to notify local police when a pursuit enters their jurisdiction, but there are no guidelines for safe driving. In this Gulfport crash, the police were in pursuit of a stolen vehicle for 14 minutes before the dangerous collision.

Police Chief Robert Vincent is currently examining portions of the policy related to pursuing vehicles in nearby cities to see if any changes need to happen. If the code is updated, it will mean that suspects that are chased in a non-approved manner may be able to use this to help their case in court. Talk to a Tampa lawyer who knows the constantly changing laws and statutes to make sure that your case is in the hands of someone professional and hard-working.