Puppeteer Facing Pornography Charges in Tampa

A puppeteer who has spent his life entertaining children at their birthday parties has been hiding a sickening secret. According to the Tampa Tribune, this puppeteer was collecting pornographic images a of children and fantasizing about dismembering and cannibalizing them as he fashioned puppets which would intrigue them on their birthdays. The 57-year-old from Largo has currently been placed under arrested in a Pinellas County Jail and is facing federal charges. He has been accused of trying to kidnap a child as well as possession of child pornography.

The man was arrested as part of an international investigation which was started by the federal Homeland Security agents to catch any subversive child pornography. The man with the initials R.B. would travel around the country, using his puppets as part of his speaking gig. He performed at a Tampa Bay Rays game in the past and posted pictures of the event on his Facebook page. He also performed at the Florida Botanical Gardens. He says that he developed a passion for puppets and children at age 8 and turned his love into a career ten years ago.

Since his arrest, he has been fired from the Christian Television Network. R.B. has also performed at churches, community centers, and birthday parties on a weekly basis. R.B. claims that he invites a group of children over to his home every Wednesday for pizza and then drives them to church in his van. While it appears he never sexually assaulted any of the boys, he wrote in an e-mail to a friend that he wanted to dismember and eat one of the young boys who visited. When his home was investigated, authorities found photos of child pornography, children in bondage, and children’s corpses.

The images were saved on his computer and stored on a CD in his sock drawer. If you have been charged with a sex crime like this one, you will need aggressive criminal defense on your side. Many times something you meant in jest can turn into a serious allegation in a criminal trial. Talk to someone at our firm to work through your crime in an organized and efficient manner. We will do all we can to prove you innocent in court!