Defense Attorney Blames Brain Injury for DUI Accident

The defense attorney for one man is arguing that his client suffered post-traumatic stress syndrome while fighting in Afghanistan, and as such should not be punished to the full extent of the law. The defendant, a former Marine, caused a drunk driving accident that took the life of another man in 2010. S.S., 38, went before a judge last week and pleaded guilty to DUI with personal injury and DUI manslaughter. He took the blame for driving drunk in 2010 and crashing head-on into another vehicle, killing the driver, 48-year-old P.R.

Despite being intoxicated that day and admitting to the crash, his attorney argued that the accident ultimately took place as a result of the injuries S.S. sustained while fighting overseas. The defendant reportedly suffered a traumatic brain injury while fighting and then PTSD upon returning home. Have you been charged with driving under the influence in Florida? Contact Thomas & Paulk now to enlist the immediate assistance of a Tampa criminal defense lawyer that can help you contest your charges and move forward with your life.