Young Man Turns Himself in after Murdering His Own Grandmother

A young man is likely to spend the rest of his life in jail for killing his own grandmother. Police did not have to search for the suspect since it was he that called law enforcement agents to alert them of his violent crime. The police report shows that C.C.W., 23, got into an argument with his aunt and his grandmother earlier in the day. He decided to return to their home and kill both of them. He managed to stab his grandmother to death while she was in the bathtub, but opted not to kill his aunt at the last moment. Instead, C.C.W. called the police and gave them a two-minute window to locate him.

When deputies arrived at the scene, the victim turned himself over and was immediately placed under arrest. He has since been charged with first-degree murder and is being held at a Polk County Jail. Bail has not yet been set and news sources say that the victim was 69-years-old at the time of her murder. Are you facing felony charges for a violent offense in Florida? Take the time to contact Thomas & Paulk so you can arrange a case evaluation with a Tampa criminal defense lawyer from our team. It is possible to fight your charges when you have legal help!