Client with Medical Issues Allegedly Fails Field Sobriety Test

Field sobriety tests are often a cornerstone of any given DUI case. They, however, are not as reliable as one would like. In a recent case, our Tampa criminal attorneys saw just how true this can be. We represented a client who had been stopped for a DUI after the police officer allegedly saw him weaving in traffic. The officer administered field sobriety tests, which our client attempted to take. He, however, had medical issues which caused him concern as to whether or not he would be able to complete them. He was then arrested for drunk driving and given a breath test. The results came back with 0.106 and 0.108 percent.

While normally DUI convictions are life-altering enough, they would be especially difficult for our client who worked in a career that required security clearance. This meant that should he be convicted, his employment would be in danger. After we took on the case, we promptly provided the State Attorney's Office with evidence demonstrating that our client indeed had medical issues which would hamper his ability to complete the field sobriety tests. Following this presentation, the State Attorney dropped the DUI charges to reckless driving; this resulted in our client keeping his license and his security clearance.