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Thomas & Paulk is a Tampa criminal defense firm. We are proud to serve our local community with excellence. Whether you’ve been arrested for DUI or a violent crime, our skilled attorneys always stand ready to protect your legal rights and advocate on your behalf. We know that the arrest process can be overwhelming, confusing, and just simply nerve-wracking. By connecting with us, you can be confident knowing you always have a local law firm to call on—no matter your charges.

We aren’t just your average Tampa defense firm either. We are highly skilled professionals who have successfully resolved thousands of criminal cases on behalf of our clients. We know how to craft strong and strategic defenses on behalf of our clients and can do exactly that for your case.

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We know that last person you want to call is probably a criminal defense attorney. We aren’t offended. Just know that we are always here when you need us. You can stay up to date on everything that is happening with our firm, local laws, and various other matters by connecting with us on all our social platforms. We provide updates on recent case results, firm updates, and relevant topics ranging from helpful defense tips to criminal law adjustments.

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The team here at Thomas & Paulk has years of experience helping clients in the area. By choosing to follow us now, you can stay informed and aware of your legal rights should you find yourself or your loved one facing criminal charges in the future. Our vision is to provide our community with the relevant information they need to stay prepared in the face of the criminal justice system.

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