Do you Have to go to DUI School?

If you have been arrested for a DUI, then you may need to attend DUI school as a part of your sentence. According to the Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicle Safety those with a first DUI conviction can often complete DUI school in exchange for having their license reinstated. People who wait to have their license reinstated until their revocation period ends will only need to show proof of enrollment or a degree of completion in order to receive driving privileges.

Once the revocation period is over, the driver will have 90 days to complete DUI school. If he or she refuses to do this, then chances are that his or her license will be taken away once again. The license will then me withheld until the driver can show that he or she has a completed the entire online or in-class DUI program.

Those who have been arrested for a second DUI will also be required to take a DUI school and will have his or her license taken away for up to five years. Anyone who commits DUI manslaughter also needs to attend DUI school. There are a variety of DUI school programs, both in-house and online, and a variety of different lengths. For example, if you are charged with a second DUI, you may need to take a 6-month class, while someone with a first DUI may only need to attend the 6-week program.

In some cases, those charged with reckless driving are also required to attend DUI school in order to satisfy their sentence. There are times that the court may also ask a driver to undergo a psychological evaluation and attend treatment classes. If you have been sentenced to attend DUI school, then you will want to complete the program. Abandoning the classes halfway through will result in license suspension and other crimes. Contact a Tampa criminal attorney at Thomas & Paulk today for more information!