Suspect Arrested in Drive-by Shooting

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a man was exiting the court house after being tried for another crime when he was suddenly arrested again for a drive-by shooting. Rashawn Summer was in court this morning because he had been driving on a suspended license. While this is normally a misdemeanor Rashawn was accused of a repeated offense, so he was dealing with a felony issue. After the pre-trial hearing, he left the courthouse and was met by police of arrested him in connection with a drive-by shooting.

Police suspected that Rashawn shot at the victims in St. Petersburg about nine times. Julius Simmons, the driver of the car was hit at least four times by bullets from two alleged shooters, but is expected to survive. In addition to harming Simmons, the shooters did damage to nearby cars and buildings before they sped off.

The second shooter and the two men in the getaway car are still fugitives and Florida police are on the lookout to find the offenders. Law enforcement says that they want to locate witnesses so that they can gather more information about the shooting. The police admit that they are surprised that the dozens of rounds fired did not result in one fatality. Some innocent bystanders have been physiologically damaged as a result of the shooting and are currently seeking counseling.

While police have not released a motive, they have determined that the drive-by shooters had an agenda to harm the man in a white vehicle not far away. Witnesses say that they were blessed that they did not meet their deaths in the midst of the bullet shower. If you have been arrested in connection with a drive-by shooting, we understand that you may be perfectly innocent. Contact a Tampa criminal defense attorney if you need help with a case where you have been misidentified as an assailant.