Wanted Criminal Commits Suicide Before Arrest

In Southwest Miami, a Florida resident was charged with abducted his girlfriend at gunpoint and later firing at a police officer who tried to stop him. He also held family members hostage at one point as defense against the police who wanted to arrest him. When police finally surrounded his home and attempted to bring him into custody, the angry individual took his own life. The detectives who arrived at the scene of the crime discovered that no other family members were harmed in the exchange. The police say that the criminal had abducted his 25-year-old girlfriend and hid her inside along with a 2-month old child, a 20-year-old child, a 9-year-old child, and a 41 year old man who was disabled.

The criminal displayed a firearm and shot at the police outside while he was trying to defend himself from arrest. At the time the officer was shot, he returned fire. Some law enforcement were worried that the criminal would use the children was human shields for the police to shot at. The family is thankful that they are safe though they wish that the criminal had not taken his own life as he did. The criminal’s mother arrived at the scene later and attested to the fact that her son was mentally deranged. She claims that he loved his girlfriend and family and never would have intended to hurt them. She also tried to defend her son’s actions by explaining that he never had a father and that she was always very busy working.

Allegedly, the criminal had already been arrested in 2009 and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. If you are charged with initiating a hostage situation, abducting a friend or family member, or shooting at a police officer, you may me be able to argue that you were not mentally competent at the time of the actions. Contact a criminal defense attorney to talk about your situation and determine the best way to fight for your freedom in your trial. No matter how bleak your situation may look, the folks at Thomas & Paulk are here to help. We want to be there for you no matter what. Contact us for a case consultation today!