Palm Bay Cyclist Caught with Pot

Often, when the police pull a driver or cyclist over, they are not aware of any drugs in the car or on the cyclists’ person. When Rashar Beckford was stopped early last week while biking through Palm Bay, the police weren’t concerned about whether or not he had drugs. They only wanted to tell him that he was riding without safety lights. This is a traffic infraction in Florida, and can merit a small ticket. When a cyclist is pulled over for a crime like this, it normally serves as a warning that that cyclist needs to take corrective action.

When Beckford was pulled over, he tried to casually agree and take the officer’s confrontation. Yet as he was standing and talking with the police, a jar fell out of his left pocket. The container was filled with 12 grams of marijuana, and was sixed immediately. Beckford would have been sent on his way if the marijuana had not been detected, but because of his grave mistake he was hauled off to jail in short order. The young man was handcuffed at the site and taken to the Brevard County Hail Complex. Florida Today writes that he was bonded out shortly after, but will soon have to attend court for his crime.

Law enforcement are legally permitted to arrest a man or woman who is discovered with pot on their person, even if they pulled the person over for another reason. Yet if you were sporadically pulled over for no reason, and the police discovered that you had drugs, your charges will probably be dropped. This is because the police must have a due cause to pull over an offender before they are permitted to do so. Talk to a lawyer at Thomas & Paulk if you have questions about drug crimes, traffic infractions, or being pulled over without just reason. We are here to help you with your quest for justice!