Attorney Jeff Paulk Comments on Shock Jock Lawyer's DUI Arrest

On Wednesday, April 3, video footage was released by the "Bubba the Love Sponge" show displaying the DUI arrest of Attorney Phil Campbell from the dashboard camera. Attorney Phil Campbell became well-known earlier in 2013 when he represented Todd "MJ" Schnitt, who was involved in civil defamation case against fellow shock jock, Bubba "the Love Sponge" Clem. The video shown was obtained by ABC Action News and later become part of the public record by the Tampa Police Department.

According to Campbell, the entire scenario was a set-up, and he's currently placing the blame on Clem and his legal team. While dining at a restaurant, Campbell alleges that a woman came in and asked him to move his vehicle. As soon as he did, police were called and he was pulled over. Per the most recent reports, the woman who asked him to move his car is employed by the same firm who represented Clem.

In the video, Campbell is told by the officer that he was pulled over for cutting off another driver, something that Campbell admitted. The officer then stated that he could detect alcohol on Campbell's breath, and began to administer field sobriety tests. After being asked to perform a walking sobriety test, Campbell stated that due to high blood pressure and cholesterol, the tests could be affected. When asked to take the alphabet test, Campbell stated, "I'm just telling you right now, I have a speech impediment."

After this refusal, Campbell was arrested for drunk driving. At that point in time, he changed his mind and then requested to take the tests he earlier refused. The officer, however, stated that letting him take the test after the change of heart could be construed as coercion. Executive producer of Clem's show stated that this footage clearly demonstrates Campbell's intoxication, and that the arrest was by-the-numbers.

While not Campbell's lawyer, Attorney Jeff Paulk has another perspective. In fact, he thinks the video could help Campbell's case. "He's coherent, he makes sense when he's answering the questions," Paulk said to ABC Action News. "He's polite. It would be a video that I would want to have as a defense attorney."

Paulk also believes that the entire case against Campbell is weak, most especially because of the alleged correlation between the woman who asked Campbell to move his car—and then supposedly called the police—and the firm who was involved his case earlier this year. According to Paulk, "If the stop was unlawful, anything that came after that, including the video, would be inadmissible."

This is not the first time that Paulk has been sought out by the media to provide his legal opinion on current topics. Throughout his legal career, he has been sought out by several media outlets—including Fox 13 and ABC News—to discuss pertinent legal issues, such as the No Refusal Program. If you have been arrested, or if you have a loved one who is facing criminal charges, do not hesitate to contact Thomas & Paulk as soon as possible. With extensive criminal experience, they can help.

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