Compliance Checks and Heightened Patrols from December 10-17

This month, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is ramping up efforts to fight against underage drinking and underage DUIs. What compliance checks do is test local establishments that sell alcohol, in order to catch any illegal actions that are allowing minors under the age of 21 to access alcohol. This means that an officer will ask a teen to go into a bar, restaurant, or liquor store, etc., and to ask for a drink. An officer will want to know whether or not a bartender, waiter, or clerk at that place will first card the teen. Will the bartender refuse to sell to a minor? Will they give into a bribe? If a waiter or clerk engages in any of these offenses, then they, and perhaps even the establishment itself, could land in severe legal trouble.

Then officers will turn their attention to the road with heightened patrols, in which a greater number of patrols will be taking to the streets. While any criminal activity that a deputy spots would lead to an arrest, officers on patrol will be especially on the lookout for anyone who is driving under the influence. Here then are the DUI enforcement events within the next week:

Tuesday, December 10 there will be compliance checks throughout District IV, Southern Hillsborough County. This is set to start at 7:00 pm and to go until 12:00 am.

Wednesday, December 11 is another compliance check, again from 7:00 pm to12:00 am. This check will be conducted throughout District III, Western Hillsborough County.

Thursday, December 12 there will be compliance checks in District II, Eastern Hillsborough County. This will also be from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am.

Friday, December 13 is a heightened patrol, scheduled for 10:00 pm to 4:00 am. This will take place in District I, Northern Hillsborough County.

Saturday, December 14, there will be another heightened patrol, again in District I, also going from 10:00 pm to 4:00 am.

Then Tuesday, December 17 kicks off another round of compliances checks. This time, these will be in District III. This check is also from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am.

These events are a good reminder to drive and work responsibly, but sometimes, even responsible people find themselves with undeserved charges. Whether one slipup on your part or a mistaken arrest finds you with criminal charges, you need to act now to preserve your freedom and your future. Contact Thomas & Paulk, P.A. immediately so that an experienced Tampa criminal defense lawyer from our firm can start working on your case. Our legal team is tirelessly dedicated to ensuring that our clients' every legal right is upheld. Learn what we may be able to do for you when you fill out a free case evaluation today.