Boyfriend Arrested for Second Degree Murder

On January 25, Sara Gonzalez was murdered around 11 p.m. near Madison lake Circle in Tampa. She was shot to death and died at the scene of the incident. According to the Hillsborough Sherriff Department, their investigations point to the belief that the boyfriend, Josue Villagomez, was the one who shot the firearm that took the life of his girlfriend. A witness has verified that they and the boyfriend were at the residence where 18 year old Sara was murdered.

After obtaining the warrant to search the home, police located the weapon that they believe was used for the killing; a Glock 9mm handgun. Police claim that this Glock was hidden within the home buried in a crawl space along with the shell casing that was likely from the bullet of the murder. 19 year old Josue was then arrested for murder in the second degree with a firearm. However, police claim that after having read the defendant his Miranda rights, Josue stated that when they were at the residence an unidentified person broke into the home and shot his girlfriend and fled the scene.

His second story, later on, was that his girlfriend grabbed the Glock and shot herself in front of her boyfriend after an argument between the two of them. He claims that after watching her commit suicide he reacted in fear and proceed to hide the gun in the crawl space in the home because the Glock was under his name, not hers.

The autopsy report concluded that she died from a single gunshot wound in the chest that was shot through her back side and exited out of her chest. The boyfriend, Josue Vallagomez was charged with tampering evidence as well as possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. Having decided there was enough evidence against him, the police officially charged him with Second Degree murder with a firearm.

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