Coin Device Thief Arrested by Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

The day after Christmas is merry for most Americans. Most people in Hillsborough County were busy playing with their new toys or using their new devices that they received as Christmas gifts the day before, yet for one criminal in the area, the day after Christmas was a devastating day of arrest. According to the Hillsborough County Sherriff’s Office, this suspect walked into a laundry facility at the Town & Country Apartments and cut the padlock off of a change machine on December 13th 2012. The suspect removed all the money that was inside the change box and then fled the scene.

While there were only quarters inside the machines, adding them up can often reveal that the coin machines carried hundreds of dollars. Since December 2012, coin device thieves have been on the rise in Florida. The Sherriff’s Department was able to locate and arrest the thief on December 26th. He has been charged with unlawfully damaging a vending machine with intention, criminal mischief, dealing in stolen property, false information on a pawnbroker form, and driving with a license revoked. His weightiest charge was for Grand Theft Third Degree which is a charge that comes with a fine between $5,000 and $10,000.

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