Heightened DUI Patrol Wednesday, January 16th

This Wednesday, January 16, there will be heightened DUI patrol all throughout Hillsborough County, within every district. There will be no BAT or transport available, though there will be additional officers on duty keeping a lookout for those who may be driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. It is important to take these warnings very seriously, because in the event of an arrest for a DUI, there is the potential to suffering severe consequences with the law.

Depending on your charges, your penalties with the law could be ranging from a license suspension, to fines, community service, probation periods, and even jail time. The more DUI convictions you have on your record, the greater the penalties are with the law. For example, a first time DUI offense will be far less severe as opposed to someone who is facing their third or fourth charge. Whether you are a first time offender, or you have repeated convictions under your name contact a Tampa DUI attorney today at Thomas & Paulk, P.A. today!

We understand how much is at stake if you are arrested for a DUI charge, and our firm is committed to helping you! Another very important factor to consider when arrested for a DUI is the fact that there is a small window of opportunity for which you can challenge the charges placed against you. While many may assume that they can just take care of it "another day" what they may not realize is that t there is a 10 day limit to act after a DUI arrest.

If you have any desire to fight for your license after an arrest, this 10 day window is absolutely essential for you because if you are pulled over with a BAC of .08 % or higher, than the state of Florida will automatically suspend you're driving privileges. Act fast and contact our firm today for the strong defense that you need during this time!